Monday, September 27, 2010

week 10

Ok So we went in for an ultra sound on "week 9" to find out that it is only week 8... Lame! So this is officially week 10 and the new due date is April 26th. We are really hoping that it comes earlier because then Parker will be on spring break instead of if it comes late then it will run into finals.

This week was AWFUL! Almost every year I come down with what I call the Mega Cold. It is not like a regular one that you feel bad but you make it through the day. No, not with Mega cold. I get asthma so bad that I can't breath along with all the other symptoms that seem to be way worse than normal. I have a fever that will come and go for about 4-5 days and I am completely knocked off my feet, completely miserable and useless. Not to mention the 4 boxes of tissues I go through. Then to finish it off I will have a terrible cough that hurts my lungs for about 2 weeks afterward. It sucks. Well, this time I was not allowed to take any "real" medicine because I am in my first trimester still. Everything says "may cause birth defects" or " may cause miscarriage". Everyone online said stuff like, " a couple days of suffering is worth it to have a healthy baby", and while I completely agree, they were not suffering from Mega Cold! So, have I complained enough? Do I sound like a pregnant woman? With that being said I am thankfully on to the hacking cough stage meaning I will only be in this state of misery for another week or two! And an honorable mention to my outstanding husband who took excellent care of me!

Next news. I am searching for a doctor and I am calling tomorrow to make an appointment (after I find them of course!) I am hoping they do another Ultrasound because I never posted picture from the other one because it is really to dark to see anything :(

We did see it really well on the monitor though. He/she is a squirmy little guy. It was super cute to see! The lady had to wait for it to stop moving around so she could measure it. They gave me a pin that I love, that shows how big your baby's feet are at 10 Weeks so this is the week! Here they are... So precious!

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