Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby number 2!

I was just having fun looking at Prego pics and comments from my last pregnancy and I was sad I hadn't done it so far with this one. So here is the first post of my second pregnancy. I am 22 weeks already! And it's a girl!!! I couldn't be happier. I am already much bigger than I was last time. Not only bigger but experiencing all the lovely symptoms earlier (restless legs, sleepless nights, heartburn... Lots of heartburn!). What is so different about this time is that I really haven't been dwelling on it every second and time has gone by quickly. Of course the more pregnant I become the harder it is to ignore. Patton has kept me busy! I have so many crafts and clothes I want to make and I want to redo the nursery. The only problem is the lack of spare time. Of course Patton has been so kind as to help me out by trying on Alice's clothes so I can guess sizes. We just don't tell daddy ;). I am currently in bed not sleeping otherwise I would post a tummy picture. I will get on it soon! See you in a few weeks!